News: News: News: The Seminar on traditional Wushu and Sanshou: Moscow, 16 - 29 September, 2006. An intensive two-weeks educational program for all levels of student. Accomodation. All students are honored by the certificate of the RSSU. Phone/fax : +7 (495) 757 - 9925 , +7 ( 495 ) 196 - 7176, +7 ( 495 ) 196 - 7176 (office hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.).

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The first National holiday of the Russian-Chinese friendship. On October, 8th, 2005.


The All-Russia tournament on wushi-sanshou.

10.00 Beginnings of competitions, preliminary fights.
15.00-16.30 Festival of the Chinese and Russian fighting arts.
Continuation of competitions.
17.00 Solemn opening of competitions.
Final duels.
20.00 Rewarding and closing of competitions.
21.00 Shows of the Chinese fireworks " Salute of friendship ".

Festival of the Chinese and Russian kites.
Interested persons participate all.
Registration of participants from 10.00 till at the central input in a concert hall of University of Physical training

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Dear Wushu and Martial Arts friends,

Russian State Sports University and Federation of Traditional Wushu and Sanshou have honor to invite you and all enthusiasts on the seminar on traditional Wushu. The seminar will take place in Moscow 10 - 22, April, 2006. An intensive two-weeks educational program is targeted on to help both beginners and advanced students. "Secrets of family Styles of Wushu - TONGBEI CHUAN. THEORY and APPLICATION. SANSHOU (SANDA)." Time of realization 10 - 22th, April, 2006. A place - Moscow, Russian State Sports University.

The program of a seminar (72 hours) will focus on:

- Style Tongbei (Ma Shi Ui).
- Style Baji - the old form (Baji lao tszya).
- Piqua dao (Ma Shi Ui).
- Complete form of the short stick. Taolu (a formal complex) and practical application.
- Sanshou (Sanda).
- Qigong and Psychotherapy.
- A round table.

Price: 450 (USA doll.) per person (accomodation, tickets, visa - not included).

Accomodation - according to your personnel requirements. All participants of the seminar are provided with the lerning materials including CD ROM and videotapes free of charge. We are ready to prepare for you individual program besides official scedule of the seminar. All students are honored by the certificate of the RSSA. If you - not the resident of the Russian Federation, we shall provide you with visas and accommodation in hotel of university. Only inform us till March, 10.

For more information contact on:

Head office: pc 123098, Maksimova street, building 1, Moscow, Russia.

Phone/fax : +7 (495) 504 - 9572, +7 ( 495 ) 196 - 7176 (office hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.).


The full detailed information you may find on our website at:

Respectfully Yours, Yuri Shishkin - the president of Federation Wushu and Sanshou (Russie).

Attention! The next courses of improvement of qualification on wushu, spent 12 - on September, 23rd, 2005 Have come to the end:

Andrey Vyazankin

Andrey Vyazankin
The leading teacher of Federation.

The skilled master who successfully combines teaching traditional wushu on To family style Tunbay with domestic sambo-wrestling, other fighting arts.

 Vladimir Uljanov

Vladimir Uljanov
The leading trainer-teacher of Federation.

On rates conducted employment on formal complexes Tunbay - Baji, Bajen, And also on taolu Tunbay-Penkan (a short stick).

Abdul-Kadir Ataev

Abdul-Kadir Ataev
2 multiple world champion on Tui-show. The trainer well-known J. Ajigirey, repeated The world champion and the Europe on wushu-taolu, the champion of the Europe on Tui-show.
On rates conducted employment under the theory and an expert Tui-show, Wing Chun, to rules of competitions on Tui-show.

Oleg Asmolov.

Oleg Asmolov.
The known master and the trainer on Wushu-Sanshou, the judge of a republican category.

On rates conducted employment under the theory and practice of competitions on San Shou (San Da or Le Tai) and preparation Sportsmen.

David Kuchava.

David Kuchava.
The leading trainer of Federation of Moscow on Wushu-Sanshou.

On rates conducted employment under the theory and practice of competitions on San Shou (San Da or Le Tai) preparation Combined team (psychophysical training, technic-tactical preparation).




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